This web-site offers you clear and authoritative knowledge regarding spiritual Masters like Sri Aurobindo, Sri Chinmoy, Swami Vivekananda and their ancient science of yoga. The validity of this site comes from the sources from which information was drawn. Science has the ability to understand and manipulate energy. With this power Western science has created much and destroyed much. The same applies to the Eastern science of yoga. The majority of what we know ourselves to be is comprised of nature--atoms and all that is a compound of them. The science of yoga considers thought and mind to be composed of matter: subtle matter, but matter none the less. Through the practice of mental concentration one can enter into the science of yoga. Once adept at this practice one begins to learn to manipulate nature. The usual first step is the stilling and strengthening of body and mind. Once you can still your mind you develop the power, and it is a power like any other, of yogic concentration. This power, like the power of Western science, can be both used and misused. Moral and ethical foundations must be strong to assure that the powers are not misused. As you read through this site there are many spiritual teachers whom I reference and quote. I recommend and strongly suggest that you read books written by these individuals as they represent the true wisdom and highest knowledge attainable through yoga. Their advice and guidance will prove invaluable on your road to Self-discovery.